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Andreas Feininger Limited Edition Prints - Secondary Market Art

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Below is a collection of Andreas Feininger's Art Prints. When a gallery image is available we will put them here. These limited edition works of art may or may not be currently available. If we have enough market data we try to provide estimated secondary market pricing. Click on a print for more details, a larger photo and estimated pricing if available on the secondary market.

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Andreas Feininger's Art Collection:
Copper Power Line Cables From Hoover Dam As They Hum In The Air Between Steel Towers Skeleton Of A 4-Ft-Long Gaboon Viper Showing 160 Pairs Of Movable Ribs Glittering Night View Of The Brooklyn Bridge Spanning The Glassy Waters Of The East River Ship And Tug Boat Traffic On The Hudson River With New York City Skyline View Of Boulder Dam, 726 Ft. High With Lake Mead, 115 Miles Long, Stretching Out In The Background Hundreds Of Test Tubes Set Up To Symbolize The Lengthy Search For Polio Vaccine Panorama Of Rca Building At Rockefeller Center Between 49Th And 50Th, On The Avenue Of The Americas Skeletal Structures Of A Human Pelvis Universal Joint, With Rounded Knob Allowing The Leg To Swivel Four Ft. Of Snow Almost Covering Up Snow Fence In Front Of Barn On The Hill On Upstate Farm Majestic View Of Us Capitol Building Framed By Budding Branches Of Cherry Trees On A Beautiful Day Molten Steel Being Poured From An Open Hearth Furnace At Carnegie Illinois Steel Mill Picturesque View Of Cable Car Coming Up The Hill In Light Auto Traffic Ribbon Of Highway Passing The Signal Hill Oil Field Near Long Beach Confetti And Streamers Fly Down From Office Buildings As People Celebrate End Of War In Europe Nude Model Posing For A Large Group Of Art Students Of The Farnsworth Art School View Looking Down Past The Top Of The Federal Reserve Building At Pedestrians On Nassau Street Silhouette Of Statue Of Liberty Lit By Two 200 Watt Lamps During Wartime Effort To Conserve Energy Feeding The Ducks And Swans In Central Park On A Sunday Afternoon Car Traffic On Highway Next To Advertising Billboards And Oil Well Towers, Signal Hill Oil Field Men At Pier Looking At 3 Tugboats, One Named Courageous With Crewmen On Deck Pedestrians Walking Along Main Street In Resort Town With Cascade Mountain In The Background Silhouette Of The Empire State Building And Other Buildings Without Light During Wartime Blocks Of Pedestrians Jamming Sidewalks On 5Th Ave. With Bumper-To-Bumper Traffic, Near 34Th St Tug Boats Muscling Barges Loaded With Lehigh Valley Railroad Freight Cars From New York City Painted Concrete Sculpture Of Paul Bunyon And His Blue Ox, Babe Standing On Shores Of Lake Bemidji New York Harbor With Its Majestic Silhouette Of Skyscrapers Looking Straight Down Bustling 42Nd St. Lower Manhattan And Ferry Docks With Aid Of A Telephoto Lens Over The Rooftops In Staten Island View Of The Brooklyn Bridge And The Skyscrapers Of Manhattan's Financial District Entrance To St. Patrick's Visible Across Fifth Avenue, With Atlas Statue Silhouetted In Foreground Closeup Of A Doctor Wearing A Mask Of His Profession Copper Power Line Cables From Hoover Dam Spanning The Jagged Foothills Of The Black Mountains Laboratory Scene Of Oxygen Hydrogen Flames Heating A Long Glass Tube To 900 Degrees Centigrade Cumulus Clouds Billowing Over Texaco Gas Station Along A Stretch Of Highway Us 66 Ibm Electronic Data Processing Machine, Type 704, Solving Chess Problems With A Data Processor Workers Putting Together The Boiler Tube Portion Of An 0-8-0 Switching Locomotive Woodchuck Standing On Hind Legs In Midst Of Dense Foliage With Mouth Open And Showing Teeth Facades Of Seagram Building Designed By Ludwig Miles Van Der Rohe And Lever House Flat Flame Produces By A Special Process Which Creates A Torch With A Perfectly Flat Top Aluminum Company's Construction Of Powerhouse For Hydroelectric Dam Project In Quebec, Canada Molten Steel Being Poured From An Open Hearth Furnace At Carnegie-Illinois Steel Mill Cars Parked In Front Of Four Navy Uniform Stores On Sand Street Manufacture And Examples Of Uses Of Various Kinds Of Glass, Corning Glass Co Crowds Thronging The Beach At Coney Island On The Fourth Of July Young African American Sharecropper Woman Picking Peas In A Field On Farm Workers Forging Molten Metal With 16,000 Lb Drop Forging Hammer At Wyman-Gordon Co Manhattan Skyline From New Jersey Aerial View Overlooking Network Of Tracks For 20 Major Railroads Converging On Union Station Pre-Christmas Holiday Traffic On 57Th Avenue, Teeming With Double Decker Busses, Trucks And Cars Trees Partially Blocking View Of Henry J. Kaiser's Radum Sand, Gravel And Crushed Rock Plant Glaciers And Icefields Seen Along Columbia Icefield Highway Between Banff And Jasper Closeup Of The Front Of An Unidentified Car Parked Along The Street Men Unloading Coffee At Brooklyn Dock. View Of Downtown Manhattan In Background Golden Sunset At Nantucket, Mass. With Sankaty Head Lighthouse Silhouetted Against Sky

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